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This is a website about Chaucer's Canterbury Tales. Are your surprised?

Given the domain name, it is no surprise that this site is dedicated to providing information and resources about The Canterbury Tales.

Our hope is that this site will prove useful to you in gaining a better appreciation and understanding of the Tales, as well as the world in which they are set. Although the language in which they are written is now unfamliar to modern readers, the situations and human relationships which they describe have a timeless quality.

Here you will find short summaries of the Canterbury Tales, as well as other resources such as online text books, side by side translations and other neat stuff.

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Canterbury Tale Summaries

Geoffrey Chaucer
Geoffrey Chaucer

Canterbury Tales - The Wife of Bath's Tale
The Wife of Bath's Tale

Canterbury Tales - The Miller's Tale
The Miller's Tale

Canterbury Tales - The Shipman's Tale
The Shipman's Tale

Canterbury Tales - The Knight's Tale
The Knight's Tale

Canterbury Tales - The Summoner's tale
The Summoner's Tale

Canterbury Tales - The Pardoner's Tale
The Pardoner's Tale

Canterbury Tales - The Prioress's Tale
The Prioress's Tale

Canterbury Tales - The Cook's Tale
The Cook's Tale

Canterbury Tales - The Monk's Tale
The Monk's Tale

Canterbury Tales - The Merchant's Tale
The Merchant's Tale

Canterbury Tales - The Nun's Priest's Tale
The Nun's Priest's Tale

Canterbury Tales - The Franklin's Tale
The Franklin's Tale